Friday, April 22, 2011

FYI...and Apologies

Just a brief notification: blog posts will be scarce in the next week and a half as I will once again be in UB. It should be a good time with friends and an educational conference, though frankly I prefer being in Hovd away from the money drain and torturous social drama that tends to accompany life in the big city. So apologies in advance. I have also noticed some typos in recent posts and have not been able to be as prolific this month, due to squeezed time between city trips. For that I am deeply sorry.

However, one thing to look forward to this coming week is observing the juxtaposition between country life and city life that marks UB. Last time I was in UB I stood in line behind a woman who was surely wrestling with her very first encounter with an ATM. My friend had to buckle and unbuckle an eme's seat belt en route to the city, as she'd clearly never been on a plane before. When the plane landed, she had no idea how to get up. This is the same city in which vodka moguls rub elbows with Russian bank owners and as foreigners, we have the ability to move though almost all social circles as we explore the city. It is fascinating. So beware of the writing sabbatical and here's hoping that I absorb lots of interesting scenes for future posts.

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