Monday, November 2, 2009


I've finally caught up to present day! Here are some thing's I'm struggling with at this moment...

I am overall really very happy. But sometimes it’s an isolated feeling that blankets my world. Sometimes it feels like I’m one of the Lost Boys, but without Peter Pan. We, all us Peace Corps Volunteers, are here in a wee band, a little tribe, of people, some young, some old, clinging together to get through this ordeal come hell, Hook or high water.

Also, Facebook has decided to up and shut me out. Normally it wouldn't be this big a deal but that social network is really why I went to such great lengths to get internet in the first place. It's pretty important to me to keep in touch with my friends, keeps me sane and not feeling quite so isolated from everything. It's like a scrapbook from my entire college career. This may be for better or worse, but it's mine and I loved knowing that it was there, baring witness to my years at Goucher. I desperately hope it lets me back in.

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