Monday, September 13, 2010

Something to Blog About

Here in Hovd the leaves are starting to fall and the kids are suiting up in their little French maid outfits and shiny three piece suits. What does that mean? School's in! Mongolian schools are all about being the best. The best chess player, the best English speaker, the best teacher, you get my drift. So as school begins and everyone is reving up for another year of fighting to the top, I've put together some superlatives of my own. I'm not too versed in the ways of the blog world but these are some really good ones I've found so far. If you know about any cool blogs, throw them up! I'm super interested in reading new and interesting ones. Let me know what you read! Or, if you're feeling super competitive, vote for your favorite blog below:

Best Way to Drive Foodies to Distraction/Best Food Porn. Ever.: The Kitchn

Most Funky and Informative Way to Get Your Eclectic Pop Culture Tidbits: Open Culture

Best Beach-y Updates/Artsy Creations/Coolest Blogging Family Member By Far: Linda Davick!

Sweetest and Smartest Wedding Blog/Most Amazing Blogging Friend (Warning- Careful of Incessant and Fantastic Daydreaming): Once Wed

Super Great Way to Flaunt Your Girlyness and Procrastinate Simultaneously: The Frisky

Best Way to Get Fair, Balanced and Visually Exciting Movie Reviews: Metacritic

Most Convincing Argument for That Early Morning Run: Early Monring Run

Most Intriguing and Intelligent Travel and Photo Blog: The Travel Photographer

Best Social Experiment Ever/Most Readable and Addicting Blog: Post Secret

Most Fun Dose of Absurd Photos and Pop News/Silliest Blog by a Friend: Southern Bellz

Sweetest Art Design Site/Most Badass Friend with Lots of Talent: Sticky With Rage

Just Cause It's Awesome: King of Pops

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