Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Year in Pictures

Firstly I'd like to apologize for not posting for so long. The summer was many things: wonderful, tempestuous, difficult, enlightening- in short it was a big, thought provoking three months. But I'm back in Hovd now and have resolved to be a better, more diligent blogger. My new years resolution so to speak. So please come back and read my blog!

So I know I didn't post any pictures on my blog last year. It was intentional- I thought that the Mongolia I described probably wouldn't match up to the one in photographs. If I posted pictures then it would negate the power of written words. That and haven't figured out how to post photos on the blog yet. But I figure there's no time like the present to learn and it might be a neat experiment. And since last year has come and gone I thought I'd put up some throwbacks. The pictures are in vague chronological order and are a random smattering of things that may have and have not ended up in the blog.

My host families house

My host sisters and nephew!

Host family appreciation event.
My host mom Burmaa.
Little horseman at Nadam.
A Nadam wrestler.

My first day in Hovd.
Horehog for Jake's school.

Pretzels: baking victory!
The Kazakh cemetary outside town.

An 'eme' at the circus.
Sunset at the market.

Relaxing after our library horehog.

Teaching me to make buuz.

Hanging out in the countryside.

Bananagrams with Access.

Phantom during Swine Flu.
Performing Phantom of the Opera.

American Center Open House!

Shakespeare in Book Club.

First snow at the market.

Our environmental rally.

Cooking club.

The finer points of pizza dough.

Such a shiny New Years.
Campfire by the river.

Happy Tsagaan Saar!
Sporting our deels.

Milk tea before her cutting hair.
Hair cutting ceremony.

Pickle Jar. Hah!

Hanging out with friends in Olgii.

View from the 'Swiss Chalet'.

English teacher's seminar in Hovd.

Near the river in Hovd.

Baseball with the Access classes.

And the world thaws.

World Cup at Sunrise.
My friend :-)

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