Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Tie the Knot

Congratulations, Prince William and Kate Middleton! If you haven't seen or heard yet, the super cute couple is now engaged. Yippee! And while I'm still not quite sure if he has a personality, I'm a huge fan of her and her wardrobe and am pretty excited that the two of them worked out. Classy girls: 1! I was also pretty excited about this because recently I've been really into weddings- although I have no idea why. NOT for me, mind you. I couldn't possibly be farther from wanting to get married at this point in my life. The idea makes me a little terrified and I tend to break out in a mild sweat when I am asked almost daily by students when I am going to get married. Somehow it's kind of like extreme tightrope walking or urban warfare, something that I have absolutely no desire to do but is really cool to watch. Maybe it's the escapist fairytale of it all; the beauty of the day and the splendor of dedicating your life to another. Or maybe it's the fact that some of my friends and exes are starting to get married and I'm trying to make sense of it because I vaguely but don't fully understand what it is to make a commitment that big at the tender age of early twenties. Possibly it's because I recently realized how young I really am- I could change my life completely right now if I so chose. Ok, so maybe I'm a little long in the tooth for the Moscow Ballet Company, but there are so many avenues that are not yet closed to me. There comes a time when changing your life on a massive scale is not really an option and I haven't yet reached that point. Getting married takes you to or at least close to that level of stability quite quickly. Or perhaps my dalliance in wedding pictures could just be me fantasizing about a night that I could spend in a pretty (not white) dress with all my friends, a sick d.j. and an open bar. The fact that just about all my best college friends will be at a wedding this spring keeps coming back to haunt me and makes me soul crushingly and mind numbingly sad each time I think about it. That wedding is something I'd fly home for in a heartbeat but I cannot leave Mongolia because of the timing and my friends can't really change the date. But whatever it is, I've discovered that other people's weddings are just fun to look at. I've been checking up on the aforementioned blog Once Wed which a childhood friend expertly maintains. I've also read about this rad lady who decided to marry herself in China. Intriguing, no? As of now, I have absolutely no idea what my wedding will be like. It will be a party and there will be biscuits- I know that much. But otherwise, when I try to visualize anything wedding related for myself, everything just gets distorted. So for now it's fun to poke around at what other people have done and wait with bated breath to see what washes of elegance and exorbitant gowns the upcoming royal wedding will bring.

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Another amazing post. Wow.

p.s. Biscuits!!