Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pants-tay on a Wednesday!

Today IT is supposed to come- the reservation Peace Corps is making for my flight back to America. There is a vast array of emotions that comes with this ticket and among them nervousness is one. Will my friends still like me? How awkward will I be? Am I going to manage to offend everyone? Will my dry skin and extra pounds leave me in peace? One terror, however, is quickly avoided with this handy flowchart. It is a veritable life raft in this brave new world of jeggings and such. I may or may not have violated the chat's rules already today but here it is, a super helper for me and anyone else looking to reenter the Western world with it's tangles of spandex. (You might have to open the chart to read it but it's well worth the extra effort! Btw -tay is a Mogolian suffix meaning 'with'.)

In other news, a sweet shutout to Naoto Kan, the Prime Minister of Japan. Apparently he deiced to give up his salary until the nuclear crisis is over. Somehow I feel a kindred spirit with anyone who forgoes a salary for something they feel is important. Holler, Naoto! Way to be awesome.

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