Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bare With Me Through the End

It's started: the shit show that is my last few weeks in Mongolia. And as such, tragically this is not a great time for prolific blogging. There has been so much in the past few days I'd love to tell you about. How the trees are laden with sweet, fuzzy pollen-balls that blows across sunsets and the town square, making life look far more like a Disney move than I ever though possible. I want to tell you about the rain that drenched town recently, flooding the streets and theater and making everyone a little bit Gene Kelly as they laughingly leaped over the rivers rushing through town. I wish to describe the heat that has settled in to stay and how Yoda-eared dogs pant in the shade. How I am wonderfully elated to have new followers on the blog! But today I depart for a week-long trip to Bayan Olgii on a quest to conquer the country's biggest mountain and the glacier that it cradles in its bosom. So needless to say spare time and internet connectivity will be difficult to come by. When I come back I have maybe 24 hours in which to pack up my entire life and depart for the city. And apparently it is imperative that the library staff have  picnic in my honor during these 24 hours, because clearly I won't be very busy. Upon arriving in UB I then have four days in which to complete all my Peace Corps paperwork and interviews, apply for and procure a Chinese visa, visit my host family for the first time in two years and still make time for Sam, who is following me to the city on a plane though it is seriously in violation with his environmental sustainability principals, without driving him crazy or abandoning him. So off I go. Wish me luck! I sincerely wish I had more time to blog; it has become such a great outlet. There are so many things to say, so many reflections yet unpublished and ideas half formed. However, I'll do my best to keep posting throughout this chaotic month and will update you whenever possible, I promise.
Also, just as a note, I plan on continuing the blog during my travels this summer and throughout my stay in Cambodia. I really hope you keep reading!

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E in Atlanta said...

I do wish you luck!! You have lots on your plate. hang in there!