Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Montage: Wild Mongolia

Though life and some very large airplanes took me away from Mongolia I thought I'd give it one more tribute in this month's tardy but still squeaking by photo montage. Because the beauty of the country's nature is something that all its citizens are proud of I thought the theme of wild Mongolia would make for a fitting final montage. I too was struck by how stunning the Mongolian countryside could be; I have never seen a sky so big or mountains so extreme. In these photos you can also catch a glimpse of how people, Mongolians and foreigners alike, interact with the breathtaking scenery around them. Sadly the pictures don't really do the scenes justice but even so it's easy to see the splendor. Hope you enjoy a few looks at one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.
PS: Upon previewing the pics it might be worth it to click on them to enlarge- gives a much better, more accurate effect.
The river in Hovd.

Camel says cheese!

Drinking from the river.

Darkhan from a stupa.
Sunset over smiling Buddha.
Olgii from a goat trail.
An ancient cave- there are even paintings.

Mongolian Red Riding Hood in Mankhan soum.
A boy plays beer can soccer by Khovd's river.
Campfire by the river.

Relieving thirst.

Just outside of town.

The view from my first apartment.

Neighbors enjoying the view.

Camel herding.

Sunset over my host family's cow shed.
Country roads...

Sunrise at training.

Sunset from a mountain top.

My host family's view.

I'm glad Mongolia still looks like this sometimes.

Snow at training in May!

Camping on top of a mountain.

Red Goat in the distance.

I love how the rivers look like silver threads.

A rare gray day.

Snowy Hovd.

A pee/vodka break on the way to Olgii.
Sunset in a puddle.

Pregnant clouds from my apartment.

The other half of my host family's view.
Sam takes in the Tavin Bogd glaciers.

Pitching camp at Tavin Bogd.

Oh, boys.

Tavin Bogd- the Five Saints.

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