Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cambodia in Pictures

Happy Halloween! A bit belated but I hope everyone had a very safe and festive holiday. Here in Cambodia I threw a little party for my students which was great fun. They carved jack-o-lanterns, bobbed for apples, made masks and took endless amounts of photos. For young women who hadn't ever heard of Halloween before I think it was a darn good time. But now that the glitter has been swept up and the apple barrels washed out, it's time to focus on November. I have high hopes that this new month will bring better, more prolific blogging. To start out, I'm posting some photos of the two months I've spent in Cambodia thus far. Hope you enjoy this little tour in pictures and that it helps you nurse your Halloween hangover blues away!
Sunrise from my dorm.

Some of my kids at A New Day.
A torture chamber at the S-21 prison.

The Phnom Penh riverside from a Spanish cafe.
The Royal Palace at twilight.

Some of my amazing new friends!
At a pagoda with a few of my university girls.
The Cambodian countryside.

Lunchtime at the Russian Market.
The kiddies outside my dorm.

Nighttime bustle in Phnom Penh.

Real phở near my dorm.

My Sunday morning corner of the world.

A child chilling on my street.

My little buddy who lives across the street.

Sunset from a downtown rooftop.

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