Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello, Bangkok!

Against my better judgement I went to Bangkok last weekend. I was in dire need of a break and the weekend away was a tonic for my stress-addled soul. The floods made my decision to go a little complicated. I was torn. Not going meant that would there would be more resources for the people there who truly need them (not to mention flood-borne illness and crocodiles allegedly on the loose). But then again if I went it would support the local economy the tiniest bit and my friends had an awesome and free crash pad. So I womaned up, made a choice and 5 hours before the flight I found myself booking a ticket while frantically packing my bag. And it turned out that despite the presence of sandbags in every threshold, central Bangkok was totally fine. I was a little disappointed there weren't any crocodiles to wrestle but there was a healthy amount of pad thai eating, silk browsing and poolside chilling (that did feel a little soulless). Below are a few pics I snagged of our little holiday.
And- what would you have done? Would you have gone to a flooded city or stayed home? I still don't know if going was the right thing.
Flying high!
En route.
My first Thai street food adventure.
A street bar.
The city by night on our first day.
Getting my banana crepe on.
Meat on a stick! It's everywhere.
Cityscape twilight.
Drinks over the Mekong.
Bright lights, big city.
Lots of drinking water at the alter.
At an art museum!
Very telling...
We saw a mime show!
A cool street we found.
Good eats.
Good moooorning, Bangkok.
In the truly plush apartment we stayed at.
Floods from the sky.
Chalk panda says come back soon. Yes please!

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