Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hallelujah! It's Wednesday

Happy Holidays! Somehow I sense that the holiday season is in full swing in the Western world. In Mongolia people celebrate New Years with a vengeance but their version of this holiday has suspicious addition such as an evergreen New Years tree and Father Winter- a bearded man who hands out presents adorned in a blue suit trimmed with white fur. However, the only seasonal song I have heard issuing from various mouths and cell phones is 'Last Christmas' by Wham!. So this time of year gets a little muddled for me.

This holiday season I've been a wee bit on the emotional side for some reason. I've never really been into Christmas; present shopping is exhausting and the consumerism that has barnacled onto the holiday has a way of trifling with my feelings for America and my fellow man. But somehow this year I deeply miss it all. The other day I found myself in our local outdoor market. Surrounded by people pushing and purchasing I found a sudden emptiness upon realizing that no one around me found this to be a special time. Adrift in a ocean of consumers I found myself floundering. It hit me that there was no way I could sip an eggnog latte while dishing with friends or feel that certain warmth of a cute sweater dress as the The Gospel Christmas or A Christmas Carol unfurled before me. These thoughts were mildly devastating.

I have gotten this video from a number of family members and find it painfully beautiful. There were haters on youtube who dared to call it a 'gross violence' because of the non-Christan people in the vicinity when this video was being filmed. But I see it far from being about Jesus. I'm not Christan at all and it made me cry at work; the PC friend I shared it with loved it and is far too cerebral to be any sort of religious. The way that the performers exemplify how this season makes people come together with joy and grace is what this video is about. It's an exultation of love. So Happy Holidays and I hope you're having a good Wednesday. Perhaps this will brighten your day- or even make you cry a little. Regardless, enjoy the beauty!

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