Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boob Tube on a Wednesday

Apparently there have been tons of new music videos out lately. A total sucker for MTV and VH1 (on the rare occasions they don't play atrocious reality tv shows), music videos have always been a sort of pop art fascination for me. Watching the video for the new Radiohead single 'Lotus Flower' on Monday, I was struck by a strange question: do people in America really dress like that? I have absolutely no idea how people dress in America these days! In the video, Thom Yorke seemed to be seizing around a stage dressed in sprayed-on pants topped off by a bowler hat. Are bowlers back? I know my first boyfriend and I were into them circa 2005. This does not bode well. And why was he wearing long underwear that looks like jeans? Usually I wear two layers of those under real pants. Wouldn't that threaten to cut off circulation to some very important parts? Out of sheer perplexity, I've decided that this next music video is really what America looks like right now. Also, everyone loves a really good beak-up song and this one hits the nail on the head. Say what you will about Kanye's personal life, the man is a musical genius. So tell me, am I on track? Or has the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave actually stopped wearing real pants? Please tell me everything is a shade of retro 80's neon and bowlers aren't back to stay!

[And for reference, Thom Yorkes impressive convulsions in tights can be found here]


Yaris Cassini said...

yes....they are in fact. skinny jeans for men...and uhm..scarfs in the summer. go figure. KEEP BLOGGING. I'M FOLLOWING.

facebook: yaris cassini.

Steppe Up said...

Thanks! :-) It's great to know you're reading!

That's so funny that those clothes are really in style. Don't know how I'll do heading back to America...yanaa! (Mongolian for 'oh goodness!') But at least Rihanna is still doing her thing.